Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chulia Street Heritage For Sale (Unavailable)

2 adjoining heritage houses for sale or for tender on Chulia Street. But the vendor has no firm decision to dispose yet, anyway I just post this up for record.

Those houses are middle of Penang 2 most famous chicken rice shops. Very potential for business.

Not available for sale.

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(Above) Side view and side lane. (Jalan Masjid)

(Above) Back lane.

(Above) Hall for both units.

(Above) Back side for both units.
(Above) Staircase & Kicthen area for 1st house (Above left unit)
(Above) Upstairs & staircase for 2nd house. (Above right unit)
(Above) Room view for both houses.

(Above) Timber floor.

(Above) View of 2 most famous chicken rice. in Penang ( favorite)
(Above) Outside view.
(Above) Moer side view.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Off Mcnair Street Near Market Heritage House For Sale

A double storey heritage house on off Mcnair Street for sale at (price adjusted to RM395K) 25/6/09, according to the vendor the size is about 15' x 120' @ 1800sf. 2 rooms upstairs and 1 room downstairs. It is basically so called bamboo house. As usual, most pre war houses are not in good condition, this one not excluded. But this house is considered a good buy as it is only about RM200 per square foot. There is a famous Cecil Street market nearby, very convenient.


Damaging index 3 out of 5

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(Above) Front with compound. Rarely found.

(Above) The five foot way already blocked from neighbour.

(Above) Beautiful air vent 90% intact.

(Above) Hall

(Above) A courtyard in middle.

(Above) Courtyard close-up view.

(Above) Kitchen area at inner part of courtyard.

(Above) Toilet & washing area at behind. With back door.

(Above) Wall needs repairing.

(Above) Corridor on upstairs.

(Above & Below) Room view.

(Above) Roof started being rotten.

(Above) Another rotten roof spotted.