Monday, September 30, 2013

Seck Chuan Lane Near Chulia Street 2 Adjoining Restored Heritage Shophouse For Sale

2 adjoining units of heritage shophouse on Seck Chuan Lane are to dispose at RM2.7Mil, total land area about 1451sf. The said premises are in restored condition. 

(Above) Hall view for both units

(Above) Staircase at the back to upstairs 

(Above) Toilet on ground floor

(Above) 1st floor view 

(above) Drying area on the back of upper floor

Off Carnarvon Street Rented 2 Storey Heritage Shophouse In Fair Condition For Sale And Rent

A unit of heritage shophouse on Off Carnarvon Street with land area 1143sf (16' x 70') is now for sale at RM1.3Mil (19/11/13) and for rent at RM2300 per month. The tenant has built up lot of plywood partition for rooms, you only need to clear it for spacious condition.No feature available as you are only buying the structure. 

(Above and below) Rooms

(Above) Hallview 

(Above) Kitchen area

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beach Street Original Conditioned Heritage Shophouse For Rent

A heritage shophouse is for rent on Beach Street with land area about 1680sf (14' x 120') at RM2000 per month. Near to Khoo Kongsi. Original condition, need to spend for restoration. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Off Acheen Street 3 Storey Heritage Shophouse For Sale

A 3 storey heritage shophouse on off Acheen Street is for sale, the land area is about 2300sf. Fully restored condition. Side lane available for business opportunities. Very rare in market. Asking price RM6Mil. 

(Above & Below) Hall view

(Above) Court yard

(Above) Kitchen on ground floor

(Above) Side lane

(Above) 1st floor view

(Above) 2nd floor