Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kinta Lane Heritage House For Rent (Unavailable)

Kinta Lane in Georgetown an old heritage house for rent at RM1000, bad condition. Please note that Kinta Lane is not located in Heritage Zone.

House rented. 20/2/10

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off Acheen Street 2 Adjoining Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

Off Acheen Street @ Lebuh Aceh 2 adjoining double storey heritage house for sae, total size about 1400sf. Asking for 380K (Updated on 21/7/09). House as usual requires repair.

Property sold 14/8/09, but transaction not successful 19/11/09.
Property sold.

Damaging index 4 out of 5

Lorong Argus Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

Lorong Argus double storey heritge house for sale at RM1Mil (Updated on 2/9/10). Size is 16' x 110'. Currently a "birdhouse" used for swiftlet harvesting. Monthly collection about RM6000 from about 300 nests.


Click Here For Lorong Argus In Google Map.
Click Here To Know More About Argus Lane.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Heritage House Posting Resuming Soon (17/7/09)

I will start posting soon, difference is there will be a date beside the selling price. Indicating the latest updated price to avoid mis-understanding. The fact is there are more and more buyers looking for properties, many of them are investors. Holding on the listing will not help.

However, immediate house visit request will be discouraged. I think it is better for you to view the pictures posted here, maybe location visit after that. If you find any property that really appearing in your heart, a house visit will only be arranged at last.

I apologie for this, but why house visit is discouraged ? Please read the article below.

I am facing great problem in marketing heritage houses recently. Property market is not stable but yet many vendors keep revising their selling price. Now I have decided to put hold on heritage new posting, I need some time to talk to vendors and update all price before I relist.

Sorry for inconveniences caused. But I promise to resume ASAP.