Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rope Walk (Jalan Pintal Tali) 3 Storey Heritage For Sale (Unavailable)

Rope Walk (Jalan Pintal Tali) a 3 storey heritage house for sale at RM660K. Land area about 20' x 100'. House condition is very bad, needs total repair. Very high ceiling but no back door.

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Property sold. 6/8/09.

(Above) Outside view
(Above) Hall view.
(Above) Both Courtyard view.
(Above) Toilet behind.

(Above & Below) Staircase need repair.

(Above) Courtyard view from 1st floor

(Above) Hall on 1st floor.

(Above) Roof needs to be changed.

(Above) Side lane.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Near Jalan Gurdwara Well Preserved Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

Very impressive antique looking heritage house for sale in near Jalan Gurdwara (Previously was Brick Kiln Road) for sale at RM590K. Incredibly well preserved, front with parking space can park 2 cars. Size 16' x 123' @ 1968sf. 4 rooms upstairs and 1 room downstairs. House in good conditon, just the wall needs to be replastered.

Property sold 19/10/09

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(Above) Right : Front driveway. Left : Wall Tiles
(Above) Right : Air Vent.

(Above) Hall & 2nd hall.

(Above) 2nd hall and floor.

(Above) Room on ground floor

(Above) Kitchen area at the back with back door.
(Above) 2 staircase available. (Middle and back part)

(Above) Deco on staircase.

(Above) Upstairs rooms view.

(Above) Front window in the front room

(Above) Floor on 1st floor still in good condition.

(Above) Wall needs replastering.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chulia Street 2 Adjoining Heritage Houses For Rent (Unavailable)

1700sf each house total 3400sf, rental RM4500 each unit total RM9000. Near to Penang Road.

Shops rented.

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(Above) Hall view for both units.

(Above) Ceiling from ground floor. Kitchen area.
(Above) View upwards from ground floor back side.
(Above) Staircase to upstairs. Ceiling on 1st floor.
(Above) Hall on 1st floor.
(Above) View downwards from 1st floor.