Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rope Walk (Jalan Pintal Tali) 3 Storey Heritage For Sale (Unavailable)

Rope Walk (Jalan Pintal Tali) a 3 storey heritage house for sale at RM660K. Land area about 20' x 100'. House condition is very bad, needs total repair. Very high ceiling but no back door.

Click Here For Jalan Pintal Tali In Google Map.
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Property sold. 6/8/09.

(Above) Outside view
(Above) Hall view.
(Above) Both Courtyard view.
(Above) Toilet behind.

(Above & Below) Staircase need repair.

(Above) Courtyard view from 1st floor

(Above) Hall on 1st floor.

(Above) Roof needs to be changed.

(Above) Side lane.

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