Thursday, June 11, 2009

Malay Street Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

This property is not avaiable 1/8/09

Malay Street heritage house for sale. 2 units together for sale at (Price revised to RM820K nett) with total size about 3525sf, built-up size 6455sf. My impression when 1st viewed the house was amazed by the hall which was increadibly long and you can see to the end by removing the wooden partition. Very potential for commercial use.

I had a house visit on 15/7/09, having a chat with the owner I found that he is thinking of increasing the selling price again. No fixed figure in his mind yet, but please be prepared for higher price tag.

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(Above) 2 adjoining units for sale at RM820K nett.
(Above) Side view.

(Below) The following pictures were taken from the 1st house.

(Above) Beautiful aged door welcomes you before entering.

(Above) Hall and 2nd hall view.

(Above) 2 courtyards

(Above) 3rd hall and kitchen area with toilet.

(Above) Upstairs and front room.

(Above) Rooms upstairs with ceiling board. (Previously was office)

(Above) View downwards from 1st floor thru courtyard.

(Above) Drying area.

(Below) The following pictures were taken from the 2nd house.

(Above) Hall and 2nd hall view.

(Above) Interesting bat shaped deco on wall. (Meaning happiness and lucky in Chinese)

Left : The ancestor / original owner of the house. Picture not for sale.

Right : A small pond in the 2nd hall.

(Above) 2 courtyards.

(Above) Left : Kitchen area.

(Above) Original staircase handlebar.

(Above) Windows in courtyard.

(Above) Room view.

(Above) Air vent among rooms.

(Above) Drying area.

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  1. Hi Raymond,
    May I know the individual price for House 1 and House 2 ? Or is it must get 2 together ?

    Alex Lim