Tuesday, December 14, 2010

China Street Heritage Shophouse For Sale

China Street Heritage Core Zone 2 adjoining heritage shophouses for sale at RM3.6Mil (Updated 9/7/13). Size is about 1400sf plus 900sf total 2500sf, walking distance to Banking area and Penang famous Heritage Chinese Temple.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Off Burmah Road Heritage Detached House For Sale (Unavailable)

A heritage bungalow house with land area about 4450sf on off Burmah Road for sale at RM1.7Mil. Original condition. Suitable for office use. Please note the property is not located within heritage zone.
Property sold. (3/1/11)

(Above Below) Hall view

(Above & Below) 2nd hall view

(Below) Upstairs view

Friday, November 12, 2010

Beach Street 3 Storey Heritage Shophouse For Sale & Rent (Unavailable)

Last chance to own property on Beach Street banking area. This wonderful 3 storey heritage shophouse with land area about 400sf 12' x 33'. Timber floor, freehold, about 10 minutes walking distance to Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC. Asking price RM530K (Cash buyer only), Rental RM1600 (Last updated on 10/1/11).

(Above & Below) 1st Floor View. Toilet on 1st Floor Only.

(Above) 2nd floor view. Roof leaking.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dato Koyah 4 Units Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

4 units of heritage houses for sale at RM1.45Mil on Jalan Dato Koyah.
Property sold.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Off Canarvon Street Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

Off Carnarvon Street a unit of heritage house for sale at RM360K, size about 13' x 100' @ 1300sf. However the has has lost its charateristic facade due to renovation.
Not for sale.

Bishop Street 2 Adjoining Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

On Bishop Street 2 adjoining heritage houses with land area about 4000sf for sale at RM2.2Mil (1/4/11). Bad condition so total restoration is expected.

Not available.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Muntri Street Original Condition Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

Muntri Street a unit of double storey terrace for sale at RM1.6Mil (3/1/11), land area nearly 2300sf. Original and in fair condition.

Property not available. 13/1/2011

(Above) Hallview

(Above) Ceiling and hall view.

(Above) Courtyard
(Above) Dinning area

(Above) Toilet at the back
(Above) Back side of the house

(Above) Upstairs hall
(Above) More hall view
(Above) Master room.
(Above) Rooms view

(Above) Bathroom at drying area.