Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jalan Pintal Tali (Rope Walk) Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

2 adjoinging heritage shophouses for sale at RM880K.
Property sold (27/9/09)

Malay Street Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

Malay Street a double storey shophouse for sale at RM520K (Updated 17/9/09). Size about 1936sf. Bad internal condition. I also notice the structure of the house is not level, the left side is a bit lower. However the vendor claimed that they have been staying for more than 50 years in this condition.

Damaging index 3 out of 5

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House already vacant, the following pictures are the latest updated. (5/4/10)
Property sold.

(Above) Outlook and hall view.

(Above) Courtyard.
(Above) Drying and toilet at behind.
(Above) Staircase.
(Above) 1st floor view.
(Above) Hall view.
(Above) Another toilet available on 1st floor.

(Below) Old pictures taken when tenanted.

(Above) Hall

(Above) Back door

(Above) 1st floor view and timer floor.
(Above) Room and windows 1st floor at court yard

(Above) Bathroom on 1st floor

Jalan Sungai Ujong Heritage Shop For Sale (Unavailable)

Jalan Sungai Ujong near Komtar a double storey art-deco style heritage shophouse for sale at RM650K. Currently rented. Size about 2004sf.

Property not for sale. 17/12/09

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Off Chulia Street Heritage House For Sale (Unavailable)

Off Chulia Street a double storey heritage house for sale at RM450K. Size around 1200sf.

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Property Sold.

Jalan Dato Koyah 3 Storey Shop For Sale (Unavailable)

A 3 storey heritage shophouse with land area about 20' x 45' for sale at RM530K (Updated on 22/2/10), walking distance to Penang Road. Jalan Dato Koyah is in Heritage Buffer Zone.

Added information, Penang Government will further their project to refresh the look of Penang Road, the centre part of Penang Road (where the house is located) will be next after The Upper Penang Road was successfully dressing a new look. See where other people don't see, so you know the potential of the shophouse.

Property Sold. 5/10/10

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(Above & Below) Hall view

(Above) Toilet at the back with roof view.

(Above) 1st floor view.

(Above) Drying area on 1st floor.

(Above) 2nd floor view
(Above) Back Lane

Trang Road Near GAMA Prewar House For Sale (Unavailable)

Trang Road a heritage look prewar house for sale at RM560K, very nice outlook. Walking distance to GAMA Supermarket and Penang Times Square, land area 1318sf. Please note Trang Road is not located in Heritage Zone.

Damaging index 1.5 out of 5

21/5/10. Property sold.

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(Above and below) Hall view.

(Above) Floor and 1st floor timber.
(Above & below) Staircase in good condition.
(Above & below) Kitchen and toilet

(Above & below) Upstairs rooms view.
(Above right) Bathroom upstairs.