Saturday, February 27, 2016

Prangin Lane Heritage Shophouse Selling With Tenancy

A tenanted heritage shophouse on Prangin Lane is available for sale at RM1.68Mil, land area about 1300sf. Mostly original condition. Currently is tenanted, preferably selling with tenancy.

(Above) Back door


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Penang Queen Street Original Condition Heritage Shophouse For Rent

A bare original conditioned heritage shophouse on Queen Street is for rent soon at RM2500 (9/11/17) per month. Updated on 15/6/16, the house just completed the restoration, land area about 600sf.

(Above) Outlook

(Above) Hall view

(Above) 2nd hall

(Above) Kitchen 

(Above) Upper floor

(Above) Drying area 

(Above) View towards outside

(Above) Front hall

(Above) 2nd hall

(Above) Upper floor

(Above) Ceiling board

(Above) Court yard

Below pictures showing the house before restoration